Trip Cancellation Insurance

Because you have to pay you yacht charter deposit “up front” and in many cases must also make your final payment 45 days or more in advance of your trip, you could lose your entire deposit should you need to cancel your vacation due to unforeseen circumstances. For this reason we strongly recommend that you consider taking out Trip Cancellation Insurance. This coverage will protect you should you need to cancel for medical and other covered reasons.

We have provided you with a link to Travel Protection Services, a top-rated provider of such coverage. You pick the amount of coverage that you want and pay the appropriate premium. Travel Protection Services insurance covers cancellation and delay due to terrorist activities an important in these trying times.

Another unique feature of Travel-Guard insurance is that coverage is provided for airline strikes providing the insurance is applied for before a strike vote has been taken. Most other travel insurance drops coverage as soon as there is the possibility that employees might strike.