Seychelle Yacht Charter

The Seychelles is situated 4 Degrees South of the Equator in the Indian Ocean. Often referred to as the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean”, this Archipelago is probably what could be the definition for Paradise!

On the hundred or so islands in the Seychelles, scattered over an area of 400,000 square kilometres of ocean, you can discover primeval mistforests, huge flocks of sea birds and giant tortoises, black parrots and the flightless white-throated rail bird [related to extinct Dodo]. There are old plantation houses,ruins of leper hospitals, pirate graves and legends of buried treasure. Then, of course there are the famous beaches – miles of deserted powdery white sands, surrounded by coral reefs and sparkling lagoons.

 Praslin the second largest island in the Seychelles,is home to the Vallee de Mai – a primeval rainforest containing the famous coco de mer palms, which have the largest, heaviest and most suggestively shaped nuts in the world. For tropical charm, La Digue has it all – tumble down plantation houses, with dusty roads used by slow – moving bicycles and ox – carts. The beaches of La Digue are supposedly the most photographed in the world, distinguished by the weathered granite boulders that resemble modern art pieces. Many other smaller islands have been turned into discreet hideaways for the rich and famous or nature reserves for the many examples of rare species found nowhere else on earth.

Nature under the waves is as spectacular as the many unique species on dry land in the Seychelles . The coral reefs that form around many of the islands contain huge numbers of fish and other species and the corals themselves well worth a closer look. Further out to see from the reefs are much larger fish, Tuna, Sailfish, and a variety of Sharks for those divers who wish to experience the thrill of swimming close to the giants of the deep.

The ‘Desroches Drop’ is a site renowned for the best diving in the Seychelles, if the Indian Ocean. Even if you are not a diver, a snorkle on the reefs around the islands is almost as amazing: if the birds are sometimes lacking in colour, the fish make up for it in a vivid living kaleidoscope. Many of the best sites lie in the national marine parks around mahe and Praslin.

The tropical climate and colourful culture of the Seychellois people make the this unique group of Islands the ultimate paradise.

 For a ten or fourteen day itinerary you will be able to include Mahe and Silhouette in the cruise as well as the other islands around Praslin. Silhouette is well named,the impressive mountainous silhouette of the island looms above the ocean, off the coast of the famous Beauvallon Bay in Mahé. “Silhouette the Wild” seems to have been specially created for nature lovers and walking enthusiasts. There are no cars or roads on this island. Instead, rivers and waterfalls populate one of the most beautiful equatorial forests of the Indian Ocean. Silhouette is a paradise for naturalists who will be delighted to discover the exotic and rare trees and plants growing here. Some 300 inhabitants earn their living from coffee, tobacco, cinnamon and avocado plantations. This island is a haven of peace, which should be explored on tiptoes and with eyes wide open.

Mahe the main island of Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world. Each of its 70 beaches has a different character; the rock formations behind them are a dramatic contrast and a beautiful backdrop for the architectural elegance of the hotels. The highest point is Morne Seychellois 900 meters above sea level, a great place for hiking. The airport is south of Victoria and built on reclaimed land, offering stunning views of the verdant island and its coastline. Victoria is the capital with a population of some 20,000 spread around a large bay at the foot of Morne Seychellois and the Trois Freres. This tiny city is the islands economic and administrative hub as well as their only port. While no one street is best for souvenir shopping there are a cluster of shops and boutiques around the clock tower. St Anne Marine National Park now protects over 150 types of fish, there is a fee to enter the marine parks again this money goes towards to protecting and conserving the wild life. There are over 20 dive and snorkel sites in the marine parks around Mahe. These dive sites, primarily of granite rock in origin are heavily encrusted by rich marine growth and populated by the many colorful fish and invertebrate species of the Indian Ocean. The islands oceanic isolation has accounted for many indigenous species unique to Seychelles waters, such as the Seychelles anemone fish. Although the soft corals are much smaller and more of a dwarf variation of those found in the Red Sea or Malaysia, they are very brightly colored and are home to some amazing forms of marine life.

The National Parks are active in nature conservation, to ensure they can protect and conserve these areas there is fee per person to visit these areas from $10-$20 per person. Excusions are not part of your all inclusive vacation, and these fees need to be paid by each person, when visiting the marine parks.

 Air Seychelles flies to Paradise on Earth several times a week, leaving from the airports of Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris, Rome and Zurich in Europe, and also from Dubai, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Nairobi, Reunion and Singapore.

The Seychelles, a group of over one hundred islands in the Indian Ocean, is a haven of unspoiled nature just waiting to be discovered. In addition to Creole, both English and French are spoken here.

The temperature in the Seychelles does not vary much, the average is 26-29°C throughout the year, accompanied by a very pleasant breeze. The islands lie outside the hurricane belt, and violent storms are very rare. The Seychelles can therefore be visited at any time of the year. Even though tropical rains fall more frequently in January and February, the weather can be completely different from one side of an island to the other; the sun will probably be shining only a few miles away. The weather in the Seychelles is tropical and humid. From May to October, the wind blows regularly from south to east, bringing a dryer climate and slightly cooler temperature. From December to March, it is the southern summer with north-west winds and a more humid climate. However, the weather is pleasant in all seasons, never too cool or too hot. The averagesea temperature is from 27° to 29° perfect for all water sports. The delicious Creole cuisine is based on fish and a wide variety of exotic vegetables, fresh fruit and spices that simply must be sampled when you are in the Seychelles.

The delicious Creole cuisine is based on fish and a wide variety of exotic vegetables, fresh fruit and spices that simply must be sampled when you are in the Seychelles. Food is plentiful if eating local produce, due to the remote location of the islands only local produce is available.
The official currency is the Seychelles Rupee. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are widely accepted. You can also withdraw money from cash distributors on the larger islands. Most consumption goods have to be imported, which explains why shopping can be fairly expensive in the Seychelles. While local crafts, exotic fruits and flowers are plentiful and very reasonably priced.

Foreign Currency is needed to spent in the Seychelles please travel with Euros, US Dollars or GB Pounds.

Languages: Creole, English and French.

Time difference: The Seychelles is four hours ahead of Universal Time. The time difference with France and Western Europe is therefore only + 2 hours in summer and + 3 hours in winter.

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Plugs are of the English type, square with three points. While on the yacht the electricity is 110 Volts and plugs are the American two pin.

Upon arrival at Mahe, allow up to 1 ¼ hours to clear customs, and collect luggage. To fly on to Praslin, you will need to go to the domestic departure lounge. Leave the international lounge and walk out of the airport, turn right, pass the check in desks and bar, following signs for domestic flights [200 yards away]. Pick your tickets up from the ticket office and check bags through. Then enter the waiting lounge, the planes are small and only take 10-20 people.

The Shuttle flights to Praslin depart every 30 minutes and cost approximately $75 return flight. The planes only carry 10-20 people at a time so you need to book this flight early, to ensure a smooth connection. We can help with booking flights and suggesting routes.

There is a fee to enter the National Marine Parks, they charge from $12 – $25 per person, to go ashore and visit the islands in the Parks . This money helps the local government to protect and restore their beautiful islands. The National Parks are active in nature conservation, the fees ensure they can protect and conserve these areas. Excursions are not part of your all inclusive vacation, and these fees need to be paid by each person, when visiting the marine parks. Foreign Currency must be used to enter the national parks, either US dollars, GB Pounds or Euros. You are encourage to bring foreign currency in to the Seychelles Islands, please do not change all your money in to Rupees- be advised by the Base Manager upon arrival where and when you will need Rupees.

There is a $40 fee for departure tax per person, due in dollars, imposed upon visitors to the Seychelles by the local government.