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Mediterranean Yacht Rental

Mediterranean Yacht Charters – The Western Mediterranean covers the area of the Mediterranean Sea between and including Spain, France, and Italy. It is arguably the most well-known and prestigious yacht charter cruising ground in the world. Possibly the most sought after of these areas is the French Riviera, a playground for the rich and famous, a backdrop from international events such as the Cannes film festival and neighboring Monte Carlo’s Rally, and home to some of the most prestigious restaurants, shops, and hotels in the world. Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and St. Tropez await on the French coast, Monte Carlo beckons yachts to one of the oldest marinas and the Italian Riviera offers such gems as San Remo, the picturesque Porto Fino, and the grand city of Genoa. The islands of Elba, Sardinia, and Corsica offer a variety of pleasures from the secluded bays and small villages to the cosmopolitan Costa Smeralda. Spain from Marbella north to Barcelona offers its own inimitable style and the Balearic Islands or Ibiza, Minorca and Mallorca have a style and finesse of their very own.

Mediterranean yacht charter

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