Cuba is one of the best keep secret for yacht cruising. There is always something for everyone. The Scenery, crystal clear beaches, great restaurants and diverse culture make it the ideal destination for yacht charter vacation.

Do to the lack of yachts in the area. We have to deliver from Florida or the Bahamas. You can embark in any of those port and do the cruising. Or just deliver the yacht to La Habana.

When embarking on a luxury charter vacation in Havana. Home to the island nation’s most notorious bars and restaurants, the city is alive with the sound of music and the sight of countless classic cars. An ongoing festival of sorts, the vibrant nightlife in the city presents the perfect opportunity to sample some of the signature cocktails and rums on offer.

After couple of days of exiting city life. It is time to depart for the south west part of the island to Cienfuegos where you will find some unforgettable attractionsEl Nicho waterfalls are a wonderful place to swim in a natural rock pool under leafy trees and a sapphire blue sky. Visit Zapata Peninsula to experience a unique inland area covered in swampland and wooded areas full of wildlife and making up the largest ecosystem on the island. After your fun on land, head back to the water before you board your boat again for some of the best scuba diving in the country. However, since the country is an island, there will be amazing scuba diving wherever you choose to do it. And with the stunning blue waters and brightly colored sea life of the Caribbean, diving will likely be a highlight of your vacation in Cuba.

We can offer motor yacht charter, Catamaran charters and sailing charters in Cuba. It is up to you to decide.