Motor Yacht Charters

The most Popular yacht to charter is a heavy displacement motor yacht that generally gives a cruising speed of between 10 and 14 knots, depending on the length of the yacht. In rough conditions they are far more comfortable than a faster yachts and also tend to sit better at anchor. The majority of our clients prefer the relaxing pace of a displacement yacht and to just sit back and watch the world go slowly by.

Fast, Planning Motor Yachts

Many yachts of this type are capable of continuous speeds in excess of 20 knots. This has the benefit of getting you from port to port as fast as possible. Imagine a late breakfast in Monaco, lunch in St. Tropez and dinner in northern Corsica, Perhaps Calvi. However, if the weather is not ideal long distance cruising can be a little uncomfortable and certainly the choice of anchorages has to be more considered. A totally different concept to displacement yacht and a very particular choice that will only suit a certain number of clients